State Subscription Tracking

Below is a list of Internet resources where Chapter GA representatives can track bills. The idea is to enter the bill number for the corresponding state, as taken from the State Net service provided by Society Government Affairs, to get up-to-date, timely information. Most states offer a subscription service, meaning a person can subscribe (it’s free) and whenever there is an update to a specific bill, an e-mail will be sent.

California –
Bill Search – After a bill is located, a person can subscribe to it by clicking the “subscribe” button at the bottom of the bill document page. A bill subscription will allow a person to receive email updates regarding the status of any particular bill.

Hawaii –
State Legislature – This page allows for the creation of an account. Registering with the Legislature will allow a person to create personalized measure tracking lists.

Oregon –
OregonLive – Bills will have to be entered in one by one: no tracking subscription available at this time. There is a webpage; however, that allows for tracking of the Legislature, and it may be possible to track safety measures in general or some specific bills: