Region I Chapters

Region I is divided into 3 areas and consists of local ASSP chapters in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska & Hawaii

Area 1
Area Director: Timothy Bogowith, OHST, ASPT

Alaska Chapter
Anchorage, Alaska
President: Christopher Warner, CSP, OHST, SMS

Hawaii Chapter
Honolulu, Hawaii
President: Jeremy Nixon, CSP

Inland Northwest Chapter
Spokane, Washington
President: Jeremy Nixon, CSP

Lower Columbia Basin Chapter
Richland, Washington
President: Traci Snyder, CHST, OHST, STS, GSP

Midnight Sun Chapter
Fairbanks, Alaska
President: William Brophy, CHST, STSC

Puget Sound Chapter
Seattle, Washington
President: Krista Kolaz, M.S., CSP

Area 2
Area Director: Jennifer Harris

Broken Top Chapter
Bend, Oregon
President: Amber Hofer, M.S., CSP, SMS, GSP

Cascade Chapter
Eugene, Oregon
President: James Nusser, CSP

Columbia-Willamette Chapter
Portland, Oregon
President: Dorothy Montgomery, CIH

Greater San Jose Chapter
San Jose, California
President: Ashli Sturgill, M.S., CSP, ASP

Sacramento Chapter
Sacramento, California
President: Shina Begum Harun

San Francisco Chapter
San Francisco, California
President: Tiffany Barnett, CSP

Southern Oregon Chapter
Medford, Oregon
President: David Hanson, CSP

Area 3
Area Director: Jose Perez, CSHM, OHST, SMS

Bakersfield Chapter
Bakersfield, California
President: Albert Lopez

Central Valley Chapter
Fresno, California
President: Brad Perry, SMS

Long Beach Chapter
Long Beach, California
President: Jed Douglas, CSP, CIH

Los Angeles Chapter
Los Angeles, California
President: Jerome Rogers

Orange County Chapter
Anaheim, California
President: Claudia Morgado, CHST

San Diego Chapter
San Diego, California
President: Wesley Williams, CHST

Valley Coastal Chapter
San Fernando Valley, California
President: Ross Kocen