Government Affairs

The links below will provide you with up-to-date Government Affairs information provided by both the Society and State Legislative Bodies.

Region 1 Updates – Sent by Society that is specific each state in our region. It will be updated as we receive information from Society Government Affairs. Each State has it’s own document that can be linked to or downloaded for posting in their Chapter’s secure Members Only Area.  You must protect the copyright of this information and only share it with ASSP members. If you want to put a report on a website, the website should be protected.

State Subscription Tracking – Allows you to track bills to provide timely information as bills progress or are defeated. Open the link, select your state system, sign up and enter the bill number for your state as taken from the StateNet service provided by Society Government Affairs.

Professional Affairs – Provided by Society to update members on items of interest related to government and public policy. Links will be provided as Society updates them, and Chapters can copy links that are of interest to their Chapters to disseminate information to members. This information is NOT copyrighted, and it is not delivered to all members of the ASSP: the Chapters are expected to share information with their members.