Region I Officers

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  • Region Vice President (RVP)
    Justin Molocznik, CSP, CHST
  • Area 1 Director
    Traci Snyder, CHST, OHST, STS, GSP
  • Area 2 Director
    Wes Lashbrook, CSP, CIH
  • Area 3 Director
    Jose Perez, CSHM, OHST, SMS
  • ARVP Secretary
    Joey Garza
  • ARVP Finance
    Enrique Medina
  • ARVP Technology & Communications
    Amanda Shin, MS, CSP
  • ARVP Special Projects
    Megan Guarducci
  • ARVP Membership
    Chris Vochoska
  • ARVP Student Affairs
    Tina Holland
  • ARVP Awards and Honors
    Ezequiel Chalbaud
  • Deputy Region Vice President (DRVP)
    Chris Rainwater, MPA, MSOH, DBA
  • ARVP Government Affairs
    Monica Netherly, MPH, CIH, CSP