Chapter Governance Bylaws

This past March, delegates made the historic decision to transition the House of Delegates to an Advisory Group, amending the ASSP bylaws to effect the change. ASSP has updated all governing documents to reflect this change, including the model chapter bylaws. Per the chapter affiliation agreement, chapters are required to maintain bylaws that are aligned with the model chapter bylaws. Chapter members will need to vote to amend our chapter’s bylaws to bring them into alignment with these updates. Please watch your inbox for an email to review the redline copy of our chapter’s bylaws with the proposed amendments and an e-ballot to vote on these changes.

Long Service Recognition: Some Things to Think About

From Dan Hopwood, ARVP – COPA, Region 1

As I race toward my 41st year as a member of ASSP, I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed since I was a student studying safety and being a 50-year member not that far off. Having attended hundreds of Chapter meetings in my home chapter and others, I can say that long service recognition is hit and miss.

Based on these experiences, the leadership of Region 1 thought it a good idea to share some thoughts on Long Service Recognition. I suggest you look at these options and determine if you may be able to adopt any of them within your Chapter. I also ask that if you have undertaken other recognition activities, that you share them with the Region so that we all may benefit from your experiences. (You can send to me if you like and I’ll package them for distribution and posting.)

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